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Back For Good

Posted on July 30, 2016 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)
After taking a lengthy break from here, sad to say because of my past not letting go, I have finally built my life back up and it is stronger than ever! Business for me has grown so much that I am hoping to take things a bit further and become one of the main attractions at Sexhibition in Manchester! Yes, it is to do with Sex. Bedroom Taboo has gone from strength to strength. Great Offers, Discounts every week and Goodies for #BonanzaNewsletter Subscribers. Am super excited about life right now and building my own business from scratch is a great achievement! With many major adult sales distributor there can be shyness shown by the customers and pushy staff trying to make you buy something that the customer may not be interested in, making the experience more awkward and unpleasant. So with Bedroom Taboo we are committed to ensuring that you receive exactly what you ask for and give you the best advice catering to your needs and wants. Grab a bargain every Monday with #MadDashMon where you can get 25% off your £50+ shop between 10am and 2pm on top of other deals we have every month. Feel free to search for us using our hashtag #BedroomTaboo we are on all social media platforms and fully dedicated to keeping your intimacy secret. Intimacy Specialist Retailer since 2013 www.bedroomtaboo.co.uk

Getting into a New Habit

Posted on December 6, 2013 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)
I have been noticing that recently, things have been slipping as regards chores... And with winder being here, I am now in Hibernation Mode. as well as being ill currently and not wanting to be out of bed, I have started to get myself into a small habit of Writing small ToDo lists that need to be done.

Once i have done a task, i can cross it off and get that feeling of achievement and wanting to complete another. Motivation can lack at times but unlike some, I can self motivate, which is GREAT!!! So tonight well morning.. i have been getting few things sorted and once it is done i will have one more thing crossed off my list! WOOHOO!!!

I do suggest, if you feel deflated and have loads to do, follow these lil rules
  • Write up a ToDo/Task list for the week and keep it simple and achieveble.
  • Keep it small and if you need to, add deadlines to them.
  • Once you have crossed 3-4 off your list, add a few more that need to be done for that week.
  • Ensure that your list isn't growing too much.. around 5-15 tasks for the week.
  • If you think of a few tasks that need to be done in the first few days of teh week, add them only then once a few are done add others that can be done later on. This keeps the list going and yet not as long.

I do find it enjoyable adding a few tasks to the list and seeing what i have crossed off during the week. i do need to keep this habit going to ensure that i am not being lazy and getting things done.

If you need more motivation.. feel free to join and add me on here we can chat about things!

Miss Love Quotes!

Posted on December 5, 2013 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I was scrolling through my posts and started to wonder where i got the Love Quotes from! thinking about it, i believe i got them from Tumblr so have now got back to it.. so here goes!

"You know you're in love when youcan't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your Dreams" Dr. Seuss

Goodness that feels much better! heehee!!

Brand New Look

Posted on December 4, 2013 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, to help make it feel like a new start, the site has been revamped! what do you think? I am kind of looking forward to things.. the future mainly with a smile on my face!

Right, let's get down to it!

Past, Present, Future

So what of the past.. It has been colourful, life changing, life affirming and more like a rollercoaster that has the power switched up and no one to turn it down or off! But it makes me who i am today. I am happier today than i have been in such a long time!

If it wasn't for the people who are in my life and those who i have chosen to let go or wished me out of their life, i would not have learned alot nor be where i am today. personally as well as professionally. I find it annoying when prople who are in my past, want to come back into my life after they let me go or i let them go. I do not go backwards, life is for living and the only way is onwards and upwards! So if you are one who does not have contact with me anymore and would like to come back.. please don't waste your life on me. I don't want to so dont. Life is too precious to waste - LIVE!

Present day.. I do enjoy living life day by day.. used to plan many things but with being let down over and over, i have given up on things. Mainly cos i was planning things with someone in my life and having being let down, only rely on myself now. Do you blame me?

The future is going to be much better! I have been slowly losing the flab and feeling more body confident so have been looking to getting a few more dresses.. Have dropped from soze 12 to size 10 trousers! so have needed to buy new trousers.. and with wanting to lose a bit more, will need to buy whole new wardrobe!

Gathering Myself

Posted on November 9, 2013 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Since I was last on, i was going through a bad part of life.. I do apologise for being a pain. But the past just would not let go. but finally i can move on.

So, what has been happening since?

  • Have been doing extra shifts at work
  • Had to give up My Avon territory :( but found out that many of my loyal customers didnt want to lose me as their rep. So i still deliver, just to around 25 rather than to 80 homes
  • Found out that my career with Ecocleen might be coming to a close.. more on that as it develops
  • I feel that i do no need to be with anyone right now. Family, Friends and Work is all i have in my life. i am finally happy
  • Have been losing weight.. can see it more than before so am carrying on with my heavy work routine
  • 2014 sparks a New Me - Career, Figure, Outlook On Life.. New Goals in my life and hope to achieve them!

I have been a tad naughty.. my eating habits have been more of a yoyo than steady. But right now i am feeling poorly so cant blame me being tucked up in bed with lots of cups of tea and snacks as well as having comfort food like soup n tinned spaghettii. And i know that my eating habits just never have been good. summer is best for healthy eating. So will get back into my Davina workout regime once more. and do it with my Cuz in scotland! yes, all that way! lol i do miss going the Gym but did end up getting into workouts. with all the extra work am doing and then on top of that, my workouts, should be able to shift even more flab off of me!

And ecourage my Cuz to get motivated too!!

Keep you posted on how that goes....


Greatly Appreciated

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